Google Goes to North Korea

NorthKoreaNot quite. But Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s daughter Sophie did.

In fact, she went to North Korea with her dad and Bill Richardson, and she made a whole Geocities Google site to discuss her visit:

I can’t express how cold it was. Maybe 10-15 degrees F in the sunshine, not including wind chill.  The cold was compounded by the fact that none of the buildings we visited were heated, which meant hour-long tours in cavernous, 30-degree indoor environments. It is quite extraordinary to have the Honored Guest Experience in such conditions: they’re proudly showing you their latest technology or best library, and you can see your breath. A clue to how much is really in their control.
Ordinary North Koreans live in a near-total information bubble, without any true frame of reference.  I can’t think of any reaction to that except absolute sympathy.  My understanding is that North Koreans are taught to believe they are lucky to be in North Korea, so why would they ever want to leave?  They’re hostages in their own country, without any real consciousness of it.  And the opacity of the country’s inner workings–down to the basics of its economy–further serves to reinforce the state’s control.
The best description we could come up with: it’s like The Truman Show, at country scale.


The whole thing is fascinating and makes me want to book a trip there for myself next summer. Anyone else interested in going?

HT: Francisco Mejia, via Twitter.

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