Contract Farming in Madagascar (2008)

In 2008, my colleague David Stifel and I were contracted to study contract farming, also known as grower-processor contracts. The goal of this project was to determine whether participation in contract farming arrangements implied higher levels of welfare for the households involved. In order to study contract farming, we collected household-, village-, and firm-level data in six regions of Madagascar. We are making all survey questionnaires available to other researchers. Once our papers on this topic are all published, we will also make the data available.

Land Tenancy in Madagascar (2004)

I spent most of 2004 in Madagascar collecting data on land tenancy for my Ph.D. dissertation. The goal of this project was to test between competing theories of reverse share tenancy, i.e., the institution in which poor landlords enter sharecropping with rich tenants. In order to study reverse share tenancy, I collected household- and village-level data in 12 villages in six communes around Lac Alaotra.

I am making my data and survey questionnaires available to other researchers with the understanding that (i) I will only provide data support as time allows; and (ii) any work published using these data should acknowledge my contribution in collecting these data.

My work for this project was funded by the National Science Foundation through Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant SES-0350713, by the United States Agency for International Development through grant LAG-A-00-96-90016-00 to the BASIS Collaborative Research Support Program, and by the Social Science Research Council’s Program in Applied Economics with funds provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.