Stata Cheatsheets

I cannot remember how or where I came across this stuff, but this site has a number of cheatsheets for Stata, covering topics as diverse as basic data processing, data transformation, visualizing your data, customizing data visualizations and, obviously, data analysis.

I’ve been using Stata since 1999, and I managed to learn quite a bit from looking at those cheatsheets.

ht: Jesse Tack.

Listen to Me Talk about Quinoa

About a month ago, I was interviewed by Jeremy Cherfas for the Eat This podcast for an episode on the economics of quinoa.

The end result is an extremely well-researched episode titled “It Is OK to Eat Quinoa” which also features my coauthor Seth Gitter, UC Berkeley graduate student Andrew Stevens, and a few others who know a lot about quinoa. The episode’s main page is here, but you can also listen directly by clicking here.