Listen to Me Talk about Quinoa

About a month ago, I was interviewed by Jeremy Cherfas for the Eat This podcast for an episode on the economics of quinoa.

The end result is an extremely well-researched episode titled “It Is OK to Eat Quinoa” which also features my coauthor Seth Gitter, UC Berkeley graduate student Andrew Stevens, and a few others who know a lot about quinoa. The episode’s main page is here, but you can also listen directly by clicking here.

Media Roundup: The Welfare Impacts of Rising Quinoa Prices

(Photo: Marc F. Bellemare.)

Prior to this week’s ‘Metrics Monday, I had last posted on March 23 about my new working paper with Johanna Fajardo-Gonzalez and Seth Gitter on the welfare impacts of rising quinoa prices.

Since then, I have criss-crossed the North American continent, presenting my work in New York, Minnesota, Alberta, and New Mexico, which means that I have had no time to blog until Monday morning.

Since I discussed our quinoa paper, however, there has been quite a bit of media interest in our findings. Here is a brief roundup of the most interesting media stories (the other stories I saw were written by people whom I did not actually speak to, and often their stories were just reprising details from the two stories I discuss below).

First, there was this story by Brad Plumer on Vox: Continue reading